About me.

cropped-me1.jpgBritish, soon to  be American, Historian, Documentarian, film-buff, social, eclectic, expressive, big thinker, curious, tenacious, compassionate, personable, wannabe wine expert…STORY TELLER.

These are the many ways I’d describe myself!

But first and foremost I am a storyteller. I am especially drawn to stories that explore the human condition across time and space and trace the questions, fears, loves, and hopes that have influenced and shaped mankind.

I am both a historian and a film-maker and my overall career goal is to work in non-fiction production. Academically, my research lies in Early Modern Europe. I am specifically interested in England’s Tudor Period and how the repercussions of events/developments in the sixteenth century still cast a shadow in modern day Britain. I am especially interested in this age as the birth of what we in the modern day would call ‘PR campaigns’ and how the Reformation forged and solidified trends in Anglo culture and identity that separate its history from the continent.cropped-13502566_10157054140475092_2408314974532259626_o3.jpg

I have skills and experience in research, writing, film editing (Aviid and Premiere Pro), media development, documentary film making, presenting, sound recording and teaching. I am always looking for work in these areas and new stories to tell!

Originally from the UK, but now living in Seattle, Washington, I am currently pursuing a PhD in History at The University of Washington whilst continuing to freelance in film and writing work.

For examples of my work please see the ‘Storyteller’ and ‘Academic’ pages. 

My motto in life is: “Well behaved women rarely make History” – be professional, be classy, be engaged, listen, find out who people really are, but push those boundaries whenever you can!

More on my education and work experience see:



Hinchliffe – Academic CV 2017

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