The Story Teller (Video)

Current Projects:

I am currently in post-production on two exciting documentary projects:

“Thought Crimes in C16 Italy: Girolamo Donzellini and his Heretical Network” (for more information click here)

“UW South Asian Studies presents: The South Asian Oral History Project Phase four – South Asian artists and performers in the Pacific Northwest.”

Past Projects: 

Documentary series: Bollywood and Bolsheviks: Indo-Soviet Collaboration in Literature and Film 1954-1991.

The culmination of six months work, here are three short documentaries I completed for my friend and colleague Jessica Bachman’s exhibit of the same title.

This exciting project explores collaboration between the USSR and India from 1954-1991 and its cultural effects.

The films each look at a different aspect of this dynamic exchange. For more information see

‘Bollywood Blockbusters in the USSR’ explores the popularity of Indian film in the Soviet Block.’

‘Soviet Stories in Indian Homes’ looks at the impact of Russian literary efforts in India’

‘Readers Respond’ focuses on the impact of Soviet Literature on Indian readers now residing in Seattle, Washington.

These films were shown as part of the exhibit, alongside many other oral history interviews.  The exhibit was on display in Suzzallo/Allen library at the University of Washington in March 201

Morning, Seattle! 

Comedy YouTube series that brings you up to date with all the latest goings on in the Emerald City. Produced by F22 Studioworks and directed by Anthony Culang.






Transplants (September 2016) 






My short film exploring what it’s like to be a Transplant in Seattle, a city succumbing to intense gentrification. What role do Transplants themselves play in this process?

Inconclusive (September 2016)




Trailers for the upcoming short film Inconclusive on which I was the primary camera. Written, directed and edited  by Anthony Culang.

Inconclusive –

The time is June 1947, the place is southwest Washington State. Investigators search for evidence from an unidentified sighting reported by Kenneth Arnold while he was flying from Centralia to Yakima. He spotted nine flying objects traveling from northwest to southeast at a high rate of speed. The investigators found something in the vicinity of the sighting, but what did they find?


“Marilyn Stevens”-Sarah Brink
“Captain Jack Hook”-Jefferson Elliott
“Elsie Cramer”-Virginia Drohan
“Joey Onsuki”- Joel Ambo
“Captain Carl Jones”- Michael Hudson

Production Crew:

Emma Hinchliffe
Jefferson Elliott
Anthony Culanag

Second Camera Assistant
Emma Hinchliffe

Aerial Photographer
Brent Tollefson

Writer and Director
Anthony Culanag

Army Blues

Arcaro (June 2016) 



Arcaro Boxing is a boxing gym located on Capitol Hill. It’s owner Trisha is a fierce advocate for the value of community, women’s rights, and the healing power of the art of boxing .

I was lead editor on the project.

Credits as follows:

Director – Claire Busse, Producer – Caterina De Rey, Lead Editor – Emma Hinchliffe, Second Editor – Claire Busse, Director of Photography – David Stair, Sound – Sarah Wrainright

A Brit Moves to Ballard (July 2015)

Debatables: (June 2015)

An interactive YourTube series where myself and guests discuss big historical debates and encourage you to join the conversation. This series is designed to prepare students currently studying for essay based history tests, such as the AP European history, and anyone with an interest in the subjects.


Textiles and Majesty paper presentation:

At The Northwest World History associations annual conference, March 2015, Hotel Decca, Seattle.



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