***New Documentary series*** Bollywood and Bolsheviks: Indo-Soviet Collaboration in Literature and Film 1954-1991

The culmination of six months work here are three short documentaries I completed for my friend and colleague Jessica Bachman’s exhibit of the same title.

This exciting project explores collaboration between the USSR and India from 1954-1991 and its cultural effects.

The films each look at a different aspect of this dynamic exchange.

‘Bollywood Blockbusters in the USSR’ explores the popularity of Indian film in the Soviet block.

‘Soviet Stories in Indian Homes’ looks at the impact of Russian literary efforts in India.

‘Readers Respond’ focuses on the impact of soviet literature on Indian readers now residing in Seattle, Washington.

These films are being shown as part of the exhibit, alongside many other oral history interviews.  The exhibit is currently on display in Suzzallo/Allen library at the University of Washington.

Swing by if you can and I hope you enjoy!

For more information see http://www.bollywoodandbolsheviks.com